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About Us

Ending ignorance begins with learning

The Heritage Projects is on a mission to end historical ignorance and cultural division in a transformative way by hosting experiential learning tours retracing the steps of cultures and historical happenings in the context of their impact.    


Our Mission

Our mission is to connect individuals with the rich tapestry of history, emphasizing shared stories that transcend borders and generations.

We work to end ignorance of histories and cultures in partnership with the people and the communities we visit. Our tours and programs support learners and leaders throughout the world, creating lasting change one person, one classroom, one campus, one company at a time.

It begins with engaging presentations followed by immersive experiences to help participants connect with history, and cultures, and ultimately to gain a deeper understanding.            

Our participants are better able to forge impactful connections, hone leadership skills, and apply critical thinking skills to future endeavors that are packed with empathy, experience, and information.

By supporting and training learners who lead, we are investing in the creation of informed, empathetic, and visionary leaders who can drive positive change in their community and beyond.  

Come with Us

Ready to embark on a transformative adventure? We invite you to come with us! 

Our flagship adventure: The Civil Rights Heritage Tour of the South happens April 1st – 6th, 2024 Click here to learn more about it and register

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Connect with us

Contact us for more information about upcoming tours, partnerships, or educational collaborations. Discover history with The Heritage Tours – where every step is a step into a richer, more interconnected world.

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